Thursday, November 28, 2013

Almost Finished!

I made this ornament with my husband and best friend yesterday.
I LOVE Christmas. I do as much of it as humanly possible, except for all the cookies. I don't bake and I don't need any help getting fatter. And I don't sing Christmas carols. I do Ashley Simpson lipsynching if required to participate. Nyah :P

It is November 28th, and almost all my shopping is done. I need a few stocking stuffers and another elusively cool gift for my beloved troll that has no true hobbies other than video games. (No. I do NOT buy his video games. I never get it right.) Feel free to hate me now.

I decorated my house on the 19th of November and found that I was actually LATE in certain circles. I normally send out my Christmas cards (I know what a dying tradition that truly is.) on December 1st. I've already started sending a bunch out, but since half my card-worthy friends are either American or Overseas, I've had to hustle my tuckus on that too!

No matter how far ahead I think I am, the farther behind I get! It certainly doesn't help to do the annual Santa's Anonymous shop, but we aren't dropping that from our schedule. It's too much clean fun, too important a cause.

This year we are doing our Sort-of Annual Christmas party. I mean Sort-of-Annual, because although we've done others, this will be two years in a row. And that's two days from now. I'm using recipes from Pinterest and Company's Coming books. This should be FUN! And wipe-out scary! I hope our guests don't mind being Guinea Pigs for us...

Don't worry, I get it. It's not about the food, or booze or gifts. It IS, however, about all the good smooshy feelings you get in the dead of winter. I LIKE eating and drinking with good friends. I LOVE finding the perfect gift. I like making my home look like the Christmas tree barfed all over the house...including the kitchen and bathroom. I like the special dinners and the treats. I love to wrap presents, even when Freya decides she has to kill the wrapping paper.

I like the spirit, the generosity that happens when those who have enough give to those who don't. It isn't all about the materialism. It's about JOY whatever that means to you.

Any traditions you'd like to share?

Friday, November 22, 2013

My Last Contest Winners for 2013.

Here they last contest winners of 2013. Thank you everyone who participated. I appreciate you very much <3

1) Kj Partridge
2) Roxanne Lebeau
3) Tina (last name held by request)

Congratulations all of you! I'll be contacting you shortly to let you know about your prizes.

I also want to send a shout out to my sister, Jody Lean. Happy Birthday, Sweetie! I'm coming by later to give you presents!

I'll see the rest of you next week :)

Thursday, November 14, 2013

One Week...

Just a little reminder....This is my last contest of the year, and you have one week to enter. 

The prizes are 1) One personally autographed copy of 'Aphrodite's War', an 'Aphrodite's War' Notebook, and a magnetic calendar.
Prize #2 One personally autographed copy of 'Aphrodite's War', a keychain and a magnetic calendar
Prize #3 One personally autographed copy of 'Aphrodite's War' and a magnetic calendar.

The rules are simple. Simply spread the news about 'Aphrodite's War' on as many social media sites as you can Facebook, Twitter etc. (every post counts as an entry) and tag me so I can see you. Or you can 'send your friends to 'like' my author page. Tell them to tell me who sent them. This contest is in no way sponsored by Facebook, Twitter or any other social entity. 

Contest closes at midnight Mountain time on November 21st. Thanks everybody! <3

Thursday, November 7, 2013

An Early Contest

Cover by Terra Weston-Koster
I almost got caught with my pants down. You'll notice my last two posts were interviews? Jay Mims and Loush O'Raven were so awesome that I almost didn't have to do any work!

So this week I had nothing prepared, nothing interesting to say. I forgot I had to do anything. Whoops! But wait...

I checked my calendar and sure enough, I found an escape route.


I was planning one anyway. I got a few printed copies and a tiny bit of swag left. They'll make some pretty decent prizes.

Too early you say? I disagree. Is there someone on your list who might like a personally autographed copy of Aphrodite's War? If you win, there's still plenty of time for me to send it to you before the Christmas rush. (And I don't trust the Canadian Postal Service to bring it in time otherwise.) Or if you're keeping it for yourself, is there anything better than curling up with a good book in the stolen moments when family isn't making you crazy?

Here are the prizes:

Prize #1...Personally autographed copy of Aphrodite's War, a notebook featuring the cover for Aphrodite's War and a magnetic calendar.

Prize#2...Personally autographed copy of Aphrodite's war, an Aphrodite's War keychain, and magnetic calendar.

Prize #3...Personally autographed copy of Aphrodite's war and a magnetic calendar.

As always, promotion is the name of the game, and every post counts as an entry. I want to see Twitter and Facebook and Goodreads ALIVE with mentions of Aphrodite's War with my name tagged on. But there's new ways to enter.You can join my new Street Team "Milward's Minions". Or send your friends to my "Donna Milward, Author" page. Make sure your friends tell me who sent them ;)

I'll announce the winners on November 21st. Have fun with it, and I'll be looking for you all. <3 Thank you very much.