Who is Jim-Thing?

What do you mean who am I? I’m Jim-Thing.
I’m your nightmares come to life. I’m the thing under your bed. I am the scourge of this planet, and I am your doom! You are my dinner. All of you. No matter how skinny or fat, no matter how young or old-I will feed upon your flesh.
The fat ones sweat when they run, delicious. Not to mention all the marbling in your flesh.
The young ones are perfectly bite-sized tender morsels. I think I’ll experiment with some dipping sauces. Sweet and sour for girls and barbeque for boys.
For the old and the skinny-you are not safe from me! I will stew you and suck the marrow from your bones.
And your pets….ew. Not tasting the pets. Fur gives me indigestion.
When you see me coming, you’d better run…Not that it will help. I’ll still eat you, but you’ll taste a little better with some adrenaline seasoning.
Accept it humans. I am your demise. Look for me. You never know who I’ll possess next. Pray to my enemy it isn’t you.