Thursday, July 28, 2011

Winner,winner, I like chicken!S

o my first contest is done! Thanks for participating! Here are the wins from third to first, the opposite of how they were picked because I don't do things like you humans do.

Third prize went to Charlotte Blackwell of Calgary, Alberta! Charlotte wins an e-book copy of THOEBA.

Second prize went to Jessica Griffin of Edmonton, Alberta. She also wins an e-book copy of THOEBA.

Finally, the winner of an e-book and the gstainless steel garnet necklace is....KELLY MOEN.

Thank you all three of you for promoting Thoeba as much as you did. Yay!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

My extra SPECIAL book-birthday blog

It's here! My book birthday is unofficially upon us! I say 'unofficially' because the release date is actually listed at August 1st at But we got done early and 'Thoeba' is complete!(also available at Smashwords)

What better way to celebrate than with a contest? So I'm giving away three e-book copies of 'Thoeba'. And see that pretty necklace in the picture? That's part of first prize as well. It is stainless steel and the heart has a real garnet. So first prize gets an e-book and a necklace and second and third...well, it's just an e-book. BUT not just any e-book! MY e-book!

Entry is simple.Choose a media outlet or two. It could be facebook, twitter, myspace or google one. You can even mention 'Thoeba' on your blog. I'll give you an entry for each one! Follow me, and I'll give you another entry. Every bit of exposure helps. Comment here, or message Donna Milward via Twitter or facebook to make sure your entry got our attention. ;)

While you are here, why not check out the other pages on this blog? There is a prologue, and introduction to the villian of the novel, and my favorite-A creation myth written by Donna Milward for this and future works.

Winners will be announced next Thursday. Good luck everyone!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Slave to the Mastercard

      Things used to be so much simpler...In Eden I had everything I needed. Clean air and water, and abundant food.

     When your species invented money, I failed to see the point. Yes, gold is shiny, but you cannot eat it. I didn't understand clothes, or jewelry, or even spices. Doesn't the Energy provide?

      But now I am here, in the 21st. century and there's so many more THINGS! Like cell phones, and kitchen gadgets, and makeup, and smoothies, and televisions, and ...well, just lots of stuff! Too much to keep up with. So some industrious human invented credit.  And thanks to Christmas shopping with a sliver of plastic, I have to find work.
     Which came first? The Visa or the need for a job?

Photo by: Andy Newson /

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Just a little thought....

Oh sure, they're cute. That's so you don't eat them like other species on this planet sometimes do with their young.

And that might be a mistake because these miniatures are EVERYWHERE. They're in grocery stores, and parks, airplanes and automobiles.

And they hide in stuff like pantries, and behind couches. They'll jump out at you with their fingers covered in artificial cheese and drool on your legs.
They scream, they shout , they pick their noses. They spread disease and Cheetos stains.

So.....why do I want one?

Photo by: Salvatore Vuono/