Thursday, July 7, 2011

Just a little thought....

Oh sure, they're cute. That's so you don't eat them like other species on this planet sometimes do with their young.

And that might be a mistake because these miniatures are EVERYWHERE. They're in grocery stores, and parks, airplanes and automobiles.

And they hide in stuff like pantries, and behind couches. They'll jump out at you with their fingers covered in artificial cheese and drool on your legs.
They scream, they shout , they pick their noses. They spread disease and Cheetos stains.

So.....why do I want one?

Photo by: Salvatore Vuono/


  1. Despite your vivid description to contrary, I'll still take one. Or two. Heck, I'd consider a Brangelina-style brood, to be honest. Stay indoors - you'll avoid the two-legged pests and the mosquitoes :-P

  2. So...which one is worse? The miniatures or the mosquitos? Which one bites more?