Thursday, July 14, 2011

Slave to the Mastercard

      Things used to be so much simpler...In Eden I had everything I needed. Clean air and water, and abundant food.

     When your species invented money, I failed to see the point. Yes, gold is shiny, but you cannot eat it. I didn't understand clothes, or jewelry, or even spices. Doesn't the Energy provide?

      But now I am here, in the 21st. century and there's so many more THINGS! Like cell phones, and kitchen gadgets, and makeup, and smoothies, and televisions, and ...well, just lots of stuff! Too much to keep up with. So some industrious human invented credit.  And thanks to Christmas shopping with a sliver of plastic, I have to find work.
     Which came first? The Visa or the need for a job?

Photo by: Andy Newson /


  1. You had no money in Eden? Eureka - I think I must be in Eden since I have no money, either! :-)
    Careful of the interest rates on that VISA girl. Peter will need a part time job...

  2. I said, why do they call it a Mastercard? Peter said "You'll find out when the bill comes." Is this why there's so many songs about work?