Thursday, October 13, 2011

Germ of an idea

For the second time since I've been on your planet, I'm sick. Not just a few snuffles, either. I mean questionable tummy problems, and ribs that ache from endless hacking and coughing.
I had wanted to write about Thanksgiving-that holiday you people have where you thank the Energy by stuffing your faces full of turkey and pie.
I would have loved to do that, but everyone at our table was recovering from a cold/flu including us, and we all got it back with a vengence.
Why would the Energy invent the germ? Do germs have souls? What kind of personality would you have to have in order to survive by making your host sick? Are there tiny little purgatories of not-very-nice souls who live short little lives for a few days duration at a time...?
Oh dear...maybe it's time to lay off the Benylin.

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