Thursday, November 17, 2011

Another Excuse to Play

My writer is a basketcase. As usual. She's planning a Tupperware/Christmas party. Sometimes I think she ENJOYS being stressed out. Like she does it on purpose.
It's her intention to serve food and alcohol, display and demonstrate a few Tupperware products, and keep her guests entertained. She's going to need a lot more beer.
Why does she do it? Even she isn't sure. Personally, I think she's a glutton for punishment. Not to mention she'll use any reason for a party. You humans will employ any excuse for silliness and debauchery. I'm in!


  1. Me too, Thoeba. I'm in!
    PS - Writer, the house looks great!

  2. My writer says 'Thank you", and we can't wait to see you <3 Wait till you see the rest of it! She's such a Christmas freak...