Thursday, May 17, 2012

A good excuse

Actually, I have TWO good excuses for being late. Number One, I'm sick. Have been for 10 days. I allowed myself a few days here and there of couch hibernation, but as typical of most women, I wasn't able to just lay around doing nothing. I've been running errands, doing garage sales and puttering about in my yard. I could have just blogged about that I suppose... But I really wanted you all to see my homemade bookmarks. That's them in the photo. What a pain in the butt! They are inexpensive and rather simple, but they're all mine. (Well, except for Terra's cover)I'll pass these around like business cards. THAT'S what took me so long today. Sorry...Would anyone like some? Send me your address via Twitter or Facebook and I can mail you a few :)


  1. Nice work! Dave has also left some at our library and a couple local coffee shops that have pamphlet racks.

    Feel better!