Thursday, July 18, 2013

Am I Evil? Maybe just a Little Bit...

Best Villain EVER!!
I LOVE to write villains. Every time I write a villain, I'm surprised by the outcome. They always say or do things that kind of shock me.

I wasn't sure, when I wrote Dr. Stuart Thompson from 'Thoeba', what I had in mind. No worries. That little bastard had plenty of creepy things to say. I remember my critique partner being delightfully disgusted over how he got wood about some dasterdly possibilities...If you want to know what kind, you have to buy the book :P

I wish I could tell you I didn't write him, that he didn't come from me, but the blame is solely on myself, and I was a little appalled as well.

And it carried on to 'Aphrodite's War'.  I imagined Ares to be a irrepressible handsome rouge type.  Instead he said ," Harpy Slut! No one needs YOU to teach humans how to f*ck."

I remember hauling my hands off the keyboard, and putting my hands up like I'd done something I should be arrested for. Maybe I should be, because something in my head 'clicked' and I knew who he really wanted to be.

Right now, I am writing a villain so heinous my husband doesn't want to hear another word about him. When I met my future beloved he often asked me, "How does such a sweet girl like you listen to such awful music?"

Two years later he cracked jokes about putting me through NAIT to be a Meatcutter.  "I can't believe I'm putting you through school to learn how to use KNIVES." Well, I did that for ten years, and he's still alive.

Now I am a writer and I create characters that profoundly disturb him. Poor guy...How does he sleep at night? How do I?

Maybe it's my love of ugly music. Maybe it was my mother's True Crime paperbacks. Maybe it's the people I hang out with., and the odd things we have in common.

It may be weird, but it's kind of a nifty gift for a writer. And I won't change who I am or my experiences for a spot at #1 on the Bestseller list. I'll earn that myself, thank you.

Speaking of which, I have more writing to do. To quote a cliche: "No Rest for the Wicked."


  1. Dr. Thompson from Thoeba was an awesome villain, Can't wait to meet future villians, you do them very well!!

    1. Thanks Kj! He was a little bit of a surprise. I'm not sure he was even supposed to be a villain, but as soon as I tried to write him, he became a jerk!