Saturday, March 15, 2014

I'm Grateful...And a Little Slow.

Cover by Terra Weston Koster
I knew I had a blog tour coming. I was given a heads up. But I was too busy running errands last Wednesday to turn on my computer, When I came back on Thursday, I had a message from my publisher telling me I would be hearing from Ena from Then my author page had a message from Ena, giving me a nice long list of bloggers who've participated on the tour. Here they are:

Wanda Loves Books
Mean Who You Are
Blimey! I Fancy Reading
Indy Book Fairy
Book Boyfriend Reviews
Bawaka's Book Fair
Reading Bliss
Orchard Book Club

I tried to thank all of you. Sometimes I came up in comments as Donna Milward, or Thoeba, or just 'D' (I really need to fix that...) I'd like to point out that Independent writers and Publishers like me, along with Staccato Publishing, love and need these people. They are our lifeline , and huge THANK YOUS!

I'm so grateful, to everyone. Endless, eternal thank yous. <3 <3 <3 I got a few really good reviews--Four and five stars.

These are my favorites:Jess's Book Blog Not because she gave me 5 daisies...It's because she obviously DEVOURED the book. All of it. She understood the little things. The first important thing she pointed out, is the fact that Ares is her lover. And the fact that she left her husband for him. She mentions 'The Kevin Incident' and Hugh. I think she understood, you're not supposed to like Adrian at first, and he needs to win the reader over.  It just felt like she loved the novel as much as I do.

The other came from Becky on Books She's as big a mythology nerd as I am, and obviously enjoys it too. She's quick to remind readers how there is no 'good and evil' when it comes to gods. Just selfish bully, and less of a selfish bully. She pointed out her favorite bits, and it's obvious how much she enjoyed the book. She even caught my mistake that I hoped no one would notice... Like I said, this girl knows her mythology.

I DID get a 3.5 rating from Reading Bliss Aphrodite's War fell a little short for her. I understand a lot of her complaints. For the record, I thought I had Aphrodite clear up Ares' intentions when she explained how Ares would never be satisfied with just Edmonton, or Alberta, or even Canada. That he would start there and work on global war. At least i thought I did.  Still, despite the criticisms, she'd still recommend it.  That doesn't suck.

So this blog is several days early, but I'm sure you understand why I did it. I just wanted to say thank you to the bloggers, and to point out all their giveaways.

Also, thanks to reading all these reviews, I know what to write about on Thursday. :) See you then.


  1. tried to read the reviews but they all connected to Not Found Error 404

    1. I know. I haven't been able to fix that. I might suggest in the time being, maybe copy and paste the URLS? Sorry about that.