Thursday, July 10, 2014

A post for Mel

I keep complaining about being busy, I know. Better to be busy than bored, honestly. I've given myself permission to slack off on the blogging for the summer. Why not? Everybody takes a holiday at this time of year, why not writers?

Well, okay, writers don't actually take vacations. We're always writing in our heads somehow. Do you know how many blogs I've written in the last month that didn't make it here? Five.
Some were boring, or just too boring to complete. Some were too negative to publish.

But I am excited about this. A lot of writers are. It's called the Romance Writer's of America Convention. I can't wait! This year it's in San Antonio, Texas.

I feel like Cinderella. Costs were such that I was sure I couldn't go. None of the friends I met on the Washington trip were going, so no roommates for pricey hotels. I couldn't afford a room, air fare, and the cost of the ticket to the convention itself, all by myself.

Enter Melaida Corpuz, Modern Day Fairy Godmother. ( as in, God, I love you, mama!)

Isn't she beautiful? Mel videotaping my wedding. Photo by: Dawn Dalton
We went for lunch (All you can eat Japanese, of course) and on the way there I moaned and cried at how impossible my dream destination was.  She said, "I'd like to talk to you about that later." It suggested she had a solution, but I didn't see one. I assumed that because she's a part time travel agent and a world traveler, that she'd try to help, but probably still couldn't find me something I could afford.

I was wrong.

Turns out a certain airline screwed up Mel's departure from San Diego  to the point that they offered her free airfare for herself and a guest to any American city. Do you see where this is going? When she went on Facebook and asked the general public where she should go, I suggested Washington D.C. since I had such a great experience there.

I never thought she would share her ticket  with ME.

Mel asked if it would be cool if we went to San Antonio together and she and I could hang out together--When I wasn't doing the seminars, of course. She booked a less expensive hotel which is DIRECTLY across from the Marriott where the convention is held. I think I wept. My insides jellied. Gobsmackedness.

Oh yeah...How much cheaper? At least $40 a night cheaper. Want her travel agent website? Here it is:

Wanna know some things weird? How about some backstory? Melaida and I are literally one day apart in ages. She's at least 10 1/2 hours older than me.

We went to junior high and highschool together, as VERY different people. We weren't fond of each other. She was religious, and I was a headbanger. Not a good mix. If you would have told either of us that we would become best friends, one of us would have beaten you up. Not saying who. ;)

Maturity and Facebook creates strange situations I'm freakin' grateful for. Besides Mel, I've found others I knew in highschool that I never knew cared about me, and my God, I love them too, but Mel is especially special.

The photo I published of her from my wedding, for example...that was her gift to me, to video tape my wedding. Later she tells me she wished she had me on video when I opened the wedding album she assembled for us personally SQUEAL!!

I can never really repay this awesome sweetness she did. I can't wait to spend this trip with her. Melaida Corpuz, I LOVE you!! Thanks for everything and all your thoughtfulness! <3


  1. Fantastic! Have a great time. I'm envious. ;-)

  2. Thanks Kathy! It's less than two weeks away now and the excitement makes for butterfly tummy.

  3. Awesome story. Thank you Mel for doing this for Donna.

    1. If she doesn't see this, I'll tell her you said that jlotus <3