Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sofa so good-but it gets bed-der

     Until I came to this planet and experienced your weather I had no idea why your kind would want to live indoors. Now I understand. Then I couldn’t understand why your kind would want to put things to bump into inside these shelters, other than aesthetic value.
     I’ve learned the reasons for a table and chairs. It’s so that you can eat with plates, cups and utensils. Apparently eating peanut butter with your hands is impolite.
     I’ve learned that couches are things you recline on while watching cartoons and other such television things.
     But it’s my bed I’ve fallen in love with! Eden has no such things as fluffy pillows. Its temperate climate required no soothing comforters. Never mind the squishy, melty, marshmallow mattresses! Yes, I understand the reason for furniture. Now I need to invent more reasons to stay in bed!


  1. Um, Thoeba, I don't think you'll have trouble with reasons to stay in bed now that you've been reunited with your true love :-)

  2. Yes, I've noticed other pieces of furniture are useful for that kind of thing too ;)