Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sweet Nothing

     Ah, Valentine’s Day….My very first one. A whole entire day 
dedicated to celebrating the one you love. How come there’s only one? 
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we gave and received flowers and 
chocolate everyday? (Again with the food, you humans are obsessed 
with the stuff) And we could have teddy bears and lingerie, and devote 
more time to cuddling and telling each other how much we wuv each 
other and….What am I saying? Was I just waxing poetic and making 
baby talk ? Yuck. Good thing Valentine’s Day only comes once a year.

Photo by: Nutdanai Apikhomboonwaroot


  1. I had a brief moment there where I wondered if someone had hijacked your computer...easy to get caught up in the commercial machine that is V-Day, huh? xo

  2. Indeed! I frightened myself.
    And yes it IS easy to get caught up in-I should buy stock in Hallmark. You humans seem to have a holiday of some kind every month!

  3. I think there should be more than one day to tell people you love them and it has become way too commercial.

  4. Well said, jlotus!

    That was so sweet! Are you sure you're human?