Thursday, March 17, 2011

Why is my beer green?

     I like beer.  You humans, particularly Canadians, have a certain affinity for it.
     You drink it at sports games, while watching sports on TV, sitting on the patio, sitting in the basement, standing in a bar.
     You drink it at weddings, graduations, or because it’s Saturday and it’s warm out. Which isn’t sush a bad idea. Don’t mind if I have another.
     And there’s so many kinds. The whole planet makes some type of beer. Tsintao, Tuborg, Heinieken, did I spell that right?
      Did you know we don’t have beer in Eden? And we shertainly don’t have clamato juice there. Probably a good thing. Yuck. Who would put mollusks in perfec(hic)-ly good beer?
     I like limes. I like limes in my Corona. Now THAT’S good beer! I even like thish green crap.
     I like beer…Did I menshun that? There’s only one thing wrong with it. The bottles are too small.
     Sho glad you invented a holiday for thish shtuff!
     Es-shoos me…I need another.  

Photo by: Filomena Scalise/

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