Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Sacred Truth

There is no beginning, because there will never be an end. Life has always been and always will be, for we are created by powerful forces that cannot be destroyed. Only returned and recycled to new life.
Even the long lived Energy has seen many changes and facets. Although flawless, It strives to add to Its perfection as time teaches patience.
The Life force we know as ‘The Energy’ has many names. Yahweh, Jehovah, Buddah, Vishnu and God are but a few of them, and only the ones known by this dimension.
The Energy has constructed many worlds and different realities called ‘Realms of Life.’ One might find any manner of creature in any of these unknown places. You might find vampires living among mortals, or dragons hunting elves, or perhaps you’ll find a silver skinned alien. Perhaps one might find life forms not yet dreamed of by humans.
The first were the angels, radiant beings of light. They burst forth from the Energy like an explosion, billions of them screaming forth in the joy of existence.
Each one unique, beautiful and loved.
The Energy wove time and space for them, created a world to delight their senses and give them a home where they could love and play forever.
But good cannot exist without evil. Love cannot exist without hate. With each new beauty the Energy created, a hellish void expanded.
Darkness became anathema, the counterpart to any perfection belonging to the Energy.
Although without a true soul, the entity behind the eternal night evolved minions of It’s own, spawning demons like a grotesque hive queen.
These creatures of hatred and nightmare would make their way to the home of the Energy and It’s celestial children, to Eden.
And the residents of the world of light were seduced with lies, betrayed and killed to sate the pleasures of the dark ones, who know only destruction.
The cost to Eden was enormous. Grief and suffering invaded the tranquility of the heavens. The Energy and It’s creations learned to fight and defend. And to bury their dead.
The offspring of the Energy are beings of the pure power of the universe and can never truly die.
But they were changed, tainted from the darkness. They could not come back.
So the Energy created new homes for these lost souls, new worlds where short lives were lived for lessons to learn. Their telepathic abilities were stunted to understand compassion through listening and acting.
The pure children of the Energy watched over the humans, dwarves and aliens in all the Realms of Life.
Some of the angels coveted the worship of the Energy, desiring the glory given to the supreme deity. They were the first to leave of free will, the fallen.
They founded temples and religions of their own, banding together to concentrate their meager powers to sway the masses. In time, mankind forgot them, and returned their faith to the Energy.
These lost angels languish in a hell of their own making. Unable to die, and unable to go home to Eden, they wilt to the point of madness with no one but their corrupted selves to acknowledge their existence.
And as the darkness gains strength through the misunderstandings of humanity, and the diminishing numbers of guardians, The Energy grows weak….

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