Thursday, June 7, 2012

Nothing on this blog is about writing...

Busy day today...And an important anniversary tomorrow-at least to me.
It was exactly one year ago tomorrow that my husband and I fell in love with a cat. At the Humane Society she meowed at Dan's feet until he picked her up, and purred so loud he never wanted to let her go. So we didn't.

I could go on and on about how she's changed my life. (I could...for HOURS) But anyone who knows me, or reads this blog knows just how precious she is to us. We love being cat owners so much, we got another another, a handsome boy named Sully. Delightful chaos has ensued ever since. Tomorrow they'll get her favorite wet food (Turkey and Giblets) and on the weekend, I'll buy an extra special treat for both of our furbabies.

I can't do it today (or tomorrow)because I'm doing garage sales at my house from 4 to 8, Thursday and Friday afternoon. As you know, Entities Unknown has been doing some fundraisers, and this is part of it. We have dishes, clothing, books, games,etc. We also have a sewing machine, stereo speakers, and other cool things. If you live in Edmonton and the surrounding area, come see me! It's at 9902-158st. Edmonton, Alberta.

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