Friday, November 30, 2012

Contest Winners!

It's time to announce the winners! Thank you to Colleen Sundby-- for the fabulous mugs and thanks to my publisher, Heather Savage of for giving me the e-book copies of Thoeba to pass on to the winners!

And thank YOU everyone for participating. Makes me feel like I should have ordered more mugs! Thankyouthankyouthankyou.

Anyway, after several Palm Bay Coolers, I let my best friend choose the winners out of the troll's favorite hat. And the winners are...

1. Lana Fulton

2. Terra Weston Koster

3. Giovanna Lagana

Fortunately, I am in touch with all these women via Facebook. All three will receive an e-book copy of Thoeba and one of those swanky mugs pictured above. Now all I need are addresses, and I'll be in contact soon, ladies!

I'll be back next week...or not. I can't think of a new topic. Any ideas anyone?


  1. haha!!! THank you! but to be fair... i have an Ebook copy.... so I would be totally ok with getting the MUG! I love it. And if you want to make someone else a winner and give away my book copy I'm totally ok with that.

  2. Terra is so nice. Congrats everyone, I'd say I hope you enjoy the book but I know you will. It's pretty great.

  3. Awesome Terra!

    Your mug is on it's way as of yesterday. And thanks for donating your e-book. I'll put something on Facebook and Twitter.

    And Thank YOU Heather for supplying the e-books. You are the BEST!