Thursday, February 21, 2013

I'm Thick.

Thick ath a nog...

My nose and chest are full of disgusting goo, and my head and throat ache. When I cough, I don't cover my mouth, I grasp my head in the hopes that my brain won't burst through my skull like Athena on a bungee cord.

Last time I was ill, I ranted on Facebook, "What purpose does snot serve?" My friend Kelly googled it and came up with something like this: "This mucus serves to protect epithelial cells (the lining of the tubes) in the respiratorygastrointestinalurogenital, visual, and auditory systems in mammals; the epidermis in amphibians; and the gills in fish. A major function of this mucus is to protect against infectious agents such as fungibacteria and viruses." Gee, thanks Wikipedia. 

That still doesn't tell me why...Why is there so much of the stuff? If the 'infectious agents' already breached the wall, how is MORE mucus somehow better? Is that another one of God's weird jokes?

Why doesn't my cough medicine work? Why does it make me dream of cartoon fruit? Where is the talking tomato taking me anyway? Why is it that all I need is rest, but my cough and stuffed nose won't let me? Why does sickie hair have to look all tousled and cool when you can't go anywhere and you'd have to wash it anyway? 

AND WHY IS THERE STILL PULP IN ORANGE JUICE? (See photo) Seriously, do you know anyone who wants to CHEW their beverage?

Sigh...Wish me wellness. I'm going back to bed.


  1. Go and get a Neti-pot, It really did help me breathe.

  2. That means getting dressed, doesn't it? ;)

  3. One of my favorite poems is by Dorothy Keeley Aldis
    It doesn't breath, it doesn't smell, it doesn't feel so very well
    I am disgusted with my nose. The only thing it does is blows.