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Interview with Dellani Oakes!

Dellani Oakes

The beauty of social media is the meeting of like-minded people you might NEVER have a chance to meet in your lifetime travels. Facebook brought me to Dellani Oakes. This woman has more novels in her head than a lot of us writers can ever hope to realize. Here's an interview about  just one of them. Don't'll be able to read them all...once she finds the time between being a photographer, blogger, radio host and mother to get them on paper. And she'll do it! She offers a lifetime of reading entertainment. Thanks Dellani for taking the time out of your overwhelming schedule to answer my questions! <3

1. You’ve got a pretty impressive list of titles under your belt, the most recent being “The Ninja Tattoo”. What can you tell us about it?
"The Ninja Tattoo" was inspired by something that really happened to me. The first pages of the book where Teague meets up with the bikers on the road, was a real life incident that sparked this novel. I wrote the story for my NaNoWriMo National Novel Writing Month) project that year.

2. Tell us about your favorite character.

My favorite character is Teague McMurtry, the hero. He's an all around great guy. He stands up for what he believes and he does what he has to protect himself and the woman he loves. I've had more readers tell me that they fell in love with him. I think I did a little bit too.

3. How long did it take you to get published?
My first novel, "Indian Summer" - historical romance - took nearly five years to get published. Like so many new authors, I thought it would happen right away, but no one loved my story as much as I did. Finally, I was fortunate to meet Mike Simpson and he asked for my novel. It was published a few months later through Second Wind Publishing.

4. When did you start writing?

I've been telling stories since I was three years old. Once I learned how to write, I started to put them down on paper. I began with poems and song parodies and progressed to short stories when I was in the sixth grade. One of our assignments was to write a myth. I chose "How We Got Hair". I don't remember anything about it but the title. In high school, I began with humorous essays. By college, I was writing plays. I had to set it aside when I married and had children, since I was still in college. I wasn't able to take it up again until we moved to Florida and I wasn't working full time. I didn't begin writing as a full time career until my youngest son started school in 2001.

5. I understand you write Historical Romance, Futuristic Romance, Contemporary Romance, and short stories. What is your favorite to write?

I love all of them, but I find historical most difficult. Not only does that require a lot more research, the flow of dialogue is quite different in an historical novel. Choosing clothing and pass times, researching words, dances and customs -- it's all interesting, but it can get tedious.

For sheer fun, futuristic is the one. I can make up everything from strange aliens to new planets. As long as I set rules for myself and don't violate them, it's anything goes! It takes the least amount of research and I can really let myself play when I write in the future.

6. What do you do when you’re NOT writing?

When I'm not writing, I market myself. I'm not very good at it, but I try. I have two Blot Talk Radio shows a month where I chat with other writers. We have a great deal of fun, laugh a lot and occasionally talk about our work.

I attend two writing groups, one that I started with a friend that meets twice a month, and another that meets every Wednesday. It's important to have a relationship with other authors. No one else thinks the way we do or views the world in the same way. It's good to know we aren't really insane, just different.

I also do all the "Mom" things like running errands, fixing dinner and taking my son all over town. I wish I could tell you it's exciting, but it's pretty tame.

7. Where can fans reach you? (Please include all current blogs.)

Look for me on Facebook:

Dellani Oakes Wordpress site

Writer's Sanctuary

Dellani's Choice Book Reviews

The Ninja Tattoo

Indian Summer

Lone Wolf

Again Dellani, THANKS! We all look forward to hearing more from you.

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