Thursday, May 30, 2013

Haters everywhere...Even in Charity

I have a friend named Rika. And for the two or three years I've known her, Rika has been passionate about helping the homeless.

A little background:

Rika is a coupon maven. All her friends collect as many coupons from every place we know, just to help her build her backpacks for the homeless, particularly toiletries such as toothpaste and deodorant.

She's been doing this out of her own pocket for three years. She strives to build 100 backpacks a year, filled with shaving necessities, deodorant, toothbrushes and toothpaste, soap, as well as new socks and underwear. Rika does this out of her own belief that everyone deserves kindness and maybe a second chance.

Again, Rika did this on her own, until one day an MP showed up at her door. He asked her what the trunk on her doorstep was for. She told him.."That's where people leave me coupons." Then she told him why.

Touched by her generous heart, he promised to make her a legitimate charity. She's always looking for stuff: Anything anyone can give...jeans, blankets, the backpacks themselves...

Here is where I'm pissed off...Can you believe that someone is badmouthing her? Someone in her own community is telling others that Rika HORDES shampoo and other toiletries in a room inside her house.

Well...she sorta does. I've seen it. She has shelves dedicated and categorized. She has rows of toothpaste, socks and underwear neatly labeled and rotated accordingly.  She's proud of those shelves and rightly so. Because she GIVES IT ALL AWAY!!

I told Rika to take the high road, to leave the backlash to someone like me, and wait for karma to bite back, but it's hard...

Rika gave her food, she gave her money, because she apparently has five kids. And this is how she's treated. In case you were wondering how she knows...someone sent her a letter telling her what this woman said. She also mentioned this woman needs a STORAGE LOCKER for all the things she got couponing?

Lady, do not sit in a glass house and throw stones. People will find out who you are and what you do. How do you sleep at night knowing you took advantage of someone's generosity AND stabbed them in the back to others?

The worst part is, because of this woman's gossip, Rika is behind in donations, and it's the homeless that will suffer for that. If anyone can help, follow the link above and get to know the Homeless Backpack Donations.

I don't normally use this blog to promote charities, but I'm sick of haters using the internet to screw people over. You gotta be a whole lot of special to attack people who are only trying to help.

CORRECTION: The link has been removed due to the fact I accidentally posted the wrong one and actually gave the address to the same person who is publicly trashing Rika. Please look for Rika on Facebook as Homeless Backpack Donations.
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