Thursday, September 12, 2013

Blogs, Events, and Parties, Oh My!

September is kicking my butt. Seems like there's a ton of things to do in both my personal and writing life.  Not that I'm REALLY complaining. I'd rather be swamped than bored.

Of course there's the usual harvesting, canning and wall washing. No doubt followed by wallpaper peeling and painting if my best friend Darci gets her way.

But August ended with the wedding of the decade (see previous post) and things haven't slowed down since.

If I didn't include Tara's birthday parties or Scott's visit from British Columbia, Canada things would still be interesting.

APHRODITE'S WAR comes out on the 17th! SCREAM!! That means all kinds of interviews and blogs, including a blog tour done by the awesome women behind TTC&B2B Blog Tours, Jessica Johnson and Tammy Middleton. Trust me, these ladies ROCK! The event is called
Cover by: Terra Weston Koster
It starts on September 17th, and promotes several other Staccato authors as well. We'd all love it if you could join us. So would all these other people who volunteered to help out with our on-line party...

Hope I didn't miss anyone. Thanks all of you for your participation. I'll be checking these blogs out and I can't wait to see what comes up!