Thursday, January 16, 2014

Don't Follow the Tomato! (Tired rantings written a few days ago)

Sooooo close. El Toro from Looney Tunes

So the bull jumped from a third story window to the street. He gave me this he had no idea how he got there....But I understood completely. Just like I understand why the vegetables visit at night.

This is how my brain tells me I'm falling asleep.

I'm on the very cusp of slumber. But this time I got up instead, because I started giggling and suddenly I had to pee. And I couldn't help but share this with you because the confusion on the bull's face was priceless.

Surely I'm not the only one 'blessed' with cartoon characters for Sandmen? Why are my escorts to dreamland animated versions of various produce or in this case, livestock? (I saw marshmallow puppies last week.)

As a life-long insomniac, I've learned interesting things about my sleep patterns over the years. I sleep better in the city, rather than smaller towns or farmhouses. I sleep better with some lights on and a little bit of noise. I need to be REALLY warm...Two blankets in the summer kind of warm. If I fall asleep with the television on, and my husband shuts it off, I will wake up immediately.

I've recently recognized how my thoughts turn to cartoons or become extremely abstract as I drift off. Does anyone else get wacky crap like that? Or am I just weird?

I'm too tired to write anymore but I'd really like some opinions. All I know for sure is that the tomato with the gangster accent (Pssst. Hey, writah. Yeah you. C'meeeeere!) is a bad influence on me, and I shouldn't listen to him when he tries to coax me through that blue door. He usually ditches me on the highway.


  1. As wise woman April O'Neil once said "Why don't I ever dream of Harrison Ford?"

    1. I know, right? Why can't I dream of Norman Reedus or Henry Rollins? I suppose I shouldn't complain. I get a lot of ideas this way ;)

  2. I once dreamed that Fred Flintstone had his crotch bitten by Dino the Dinosaur. I also had a dream where Minnie Mouse was juggling flaming torches while performing back flips. In this same dream Mickey Mouse sang a song called "I Wanna Kill Your Fucking Brother" with a voice that sounded like Bryan Adams.

  3. Ladies and little sister, jlotus <3. I remember that dream of Dino, just as I remember Mom's purple bull with the Jamaican accent...Oh crap...Is this stuff genetic?!