Thursday, August 14, 2014

Texas 2014 Part Three-The New Muse

Serenaded by a mariachi band at Landry's Photo by :Mel
My favorite class of the entire conference was "Excuse me! Your Muse is Waiting!"

I knew this class was going to have a few different ideas. I LOVE new ideas, (Who doesn't?)  especially ones that aren't within the norm. This class promised way to use your own mind and intuition to make your writing work. I was in at 'intuition'.  Being a former paranormal investigator, I was more than willing to use that part of myself to engage my writing career.

I didn't really expect to use meditation--I HATE meditation--I considered it a waste of time that could be used to do ANYTHING else. Long story short; I was wrong.

But I promised to tell you how I met my true muse, and why, even though he's unexpected, he still makes perfect sense.

Nearing the end of the class they played relaxing music and asked us to go into a relaxed position. We were asked to imagine a dark room with no light.

Since I don't like the dark, mine had ambient lighting in sconces. It was never completely dark. (I don't think there were any wrong ways to visualize. Just whatever makes you comfortable.

Her next request required us to visualize favorite things in this room. I could not. Things aren't my favorites. My room had a plain queen sized bed. (I think that represents my dreaming self) There were tiny floating lights, which I knew represented stars. I was content with this.

We were invited to leave the room through an imagined door.( Mine were French doors, because they are the most beautiful doors I can literally think of.) and outside would be a favorite body of water.

I was disappointed when I saw a lake. I love the ocean, which  I have only seen in person twice. Lakes are commonplace for me. I realize now, it was a BAY. As in Horseshoe Bay, Washington. I visited that spot when I was travelling with friends at seventeen years of age.

So they tell us our muse s coming to meet us. They will be there any minute. Just wait. Sure enough, mine comes into view, wearing his red shirt with a white cardigan sweater. It's...

My favorite quote from him said a little differently.

Bill Cosby? What the...? No, wait. That makes sense. My muses tend to be older men in the entertainment industry who consistently reinvent themselves and their careers over a few decades. He's been a stand-up comedian, a kid's show host, he's endorsed Coca-Cola and Pudding Pops, and he acted on one of the most successful sitcoms ever. He's still relevant today, and after I googled him I've discovered he's also an author, producer, musician and activist. Never a dull moment with this guy. No wonder my sub-conscious chose him!

I heard a quote from him a few years back. It went "Decide you want it more than you are afraid of it." --BILL COSBY. It's my favorite quote in the whole world, because I've lived my life like that for the last decade. I refuse to let fear hold me back from the things I want or from things that will help me evolve and grow.

It can be something as small as driving the Whitemud Freeway for the first time in a rainstorm, or it can be as big as dropping a management career as a meatcutter in favor of writing full-time and planning my wedding and honeymoon in three months while I'm at it. I stopped  wondering 'What if', and started asking 'Why not?'

Since that epiphany, I've written and published two novels, with another on the way, I took Kendo, became a paranormal investigator, and took up belly dancing. That wasn't all, and you haven't seen anything yet.

So here's to Bill Cosby, my new muse. Don't worry Bill, nothing's going to stop me now.

NOTE: I'll be at Bawaka Book Fair for an Author Takeover from 1 to 4 mountain Time. Come say 'Hi'!


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    1. Ah, the troll inspires as well, but he is mostly the support network

  2. LOVE that quote. NEED that quote. You're turning into a muse yourself, Donna!