Thursday, October 30, 2014

No More Pity Party

A meme that appeals to me.
I'm back. I'm done feeling down about the loss of my troll's job. I'm looking forward.

I got a bit of an eye-opener, thanks to my Facebook feed. You see, when Alberta booms, everyone wins. Everybody makes money and babies, and buys trucks. When Alberta busts, everyone shakes in their boots and hopes like hell they get to keep their jobs and that enough work rolls in to keep things afloat.

We got off easy. The severance pay is in, and Employment Insurance will kick in after Christmas. My GICs will have matured then. My husband left on super-awesome terms, and will receive a glowing reference and job recommendations.

A friend of ours lost HER job after three months because she 'doesn't fit in', despite her powerful work ethic. (She's a little goth.) There's no severance package for her this time. Another friend was laid off after she rented a house. Another of Dan's former co-workers BOUGHT a new house right before HER layoff. One couple I know of is scraping by so hard, they're selling things to afford rent. Fortunately, girl just got herself a new job, so wish her luck.

I am humbled, and I am ashamed of my poor attitude. It's time to stop being a princess, and suck it up. This could have been so much worse, and I'm being a wimp.

The plan is to buckle down and get stuff done. This is a new beginning in our lives, and I intend to embrace it. You won't hear me whine about this anymore.

Oh, and Happy Halloween! Here's my favorite Halloween meme!


  1. It's awesome that Dan got a good recommendation and references. Hopefully he will find something soon, I have a feeling he will.

    1. Me too jlotus. Hopefully he'll find something he likes :)

  2. Donna I am so happy to see the happy lady I know return from her little time in the doldrums. Welcome back, life is good and all will be even better as the days roll on.

    1. Aw, thank you <3 I don't like being negative. It's nice to BE back, and I know you're right!