Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Had My Cake and Ate It Too.

Courtesy of my friend Duane <3
I just had the best birthday weekend I can remember in a long time. The fact that I CAN remember it is pretty amazing. My FRIENDS are amazing!! It snowed for my birthday...It always snows for my damned birthday! But they braved the roads for me, and I love them all for it. They gifted me with their presence and a few presents, and it was wonderful!
Me happy :D

Duane brought a cake. It was a white cake with a vanilla pudding center. Rebecca gave me a fresh fruit bouquet. Sydney bought the pizza, and I provided chips and dips, a veggie platter. I also made jello shots made from champagne on the blue layer and Tennessee Moonshine on the red layer. I should mention that the moonshine came with booze-soaked cherries, which I put on top.Note to self: Add the sprinkles just before serving, or they will melt.

But the wildest food thing that happened that night came courtesy of my best friend Melaida. When she arrived, I opened the door and she had a cell phone in my face, filming me.  I think I said, "What are you doing with that?" Then I saw what she had in her OTHER hand! 
Ta-Daaaah! Melaida did this <3

Ever seen a writer become gobsmacked to speechlessness? Yeah, it was pretty damned amazing. I damned near wept. The cake is decorated with a Greek Mythology theme, with symbols of the gods all around. Spears for Ares, Thunderbolts for Zeus, Bow and Arrow for Artemis, A Fire for Hestia, A Lyre for Apollo plus a winged sandal for Hermes and an owl for Athena.

We all had a great time, and stayed up too late. The very next day, Me, Mel, and Sydney went to Krush with Mel's posse and did it again. And on Sunday, we rested. And watched Walking Dead.
I've had enough cake and pizza to last me another year, and I'm relieved  to greet the week in sobriety. You'd better believe I've been hitting the Wii in the basement. It's time for me to go back to writing, and get some work done. Oh wait...
Courtesy of Karen and Blair <3


  1. Glad you had a great birthday, I wish it will continue for the year!

    1. Thank you, Kevin! I think that was my first real birthday party, but it will be my last for quite some time ;) My body can't take it!

  2. That cake is awesome and SOOOOOOO you.