Thursday, October 21, 2010

Plane, car and boat blues

I realize the Energy didn't give you wings in this realm, like It did in Eden, but that doesn't mean you need to hurry your journey back to heaven with your methods of getting from one place to another in THIS dimension!

I have journeyed on water, land and in the air in my short stay on your planet, and it is clear you people don't understand the concept of 'smooth travel'. Oh, how I miss my wings...

Last week someone suggested I trying fishing...on a boat. This involves spine-jarring wave jumping at speeds that drill bugs into your pores. THEN you perch precariously for hours on the fragile surface of a substance you can't breathe in should you fall into it. Oh yes, that sounds most amusing.

Then there's driving. Did I mention traffic? Hundreds of you roaring back and forth past each other like jousting knights, oblivious to how close you are to cracking into each other. (I find it very useful to inform the person driving of this fact. It makes them more careful-you can tell by the gritting of their teeth that they're taking my advice seriously.)

Flying is somewhat better, but certainly flexible feathered wings work better in turbulence. More control. How come you don't make airplanes with flapping wings anyway? That reminds me...What are the little brown bags for?

You know what would be even better? I don't suppose you people could LEARN to evolve, could you? Grow wings of your own?


  1. You have no idea how much I would LOVE to grow wings of my own. Seriously. And after every morning commute, I wish for it even more! But perhaps you should try fishing with my husband and I. We "troll" versus "speed" across the water, and if I'm going to perch, I bring a life jacket :-)

  2. Wait...
    Perching for trolls requires yet another ugly orange vest?

  3. They come in all kinds of colours :-)

  4. I've never had wings, but people sometimes question how I get around without my broom stick.

  5. Lol Jagger! My humans are threatening to buy me one as well. We could broom pool.