Thursday, May 19, 2011

Caveman Cooking

      Ugh... What is wrong with you humans? You have all this technology. Cell phones,  computers, cars and more. Yet you insist on cooking your food like common Neanderthals.
     I speak of the Barbeque.

     Believe me, I remember your kind cooking your food over fire. You were scared to death of it, but somehow determined that it tasted better when shoved into leftover lightning strikes.

     Even stranger is your need to create advanced contraptions to cook over an open flame. And GAS. Not afraid of the hot stuff anymore are you? Your ancestors would be running for the mountains, hooting and bellowing...

     Is that a burger? With all the fixings? And potato salad on the side? Well, okay maybe just a bite...

Mmmmmmmmm....Barbarianism never tasted so good!

Photo by: Dino De Luca/


  1. Oh how I missed you Thoeba. Come over for a steak by the fish pond...xo

  2. Sounds lovely!

    Ummmm....We're not going to eat the fish are we?