Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Photography isn't cheesy.

This is my writer’s publicity shot. She had to pose, tilting her chin and head in various angles for over an hour, and this is the only picture she thinks actually catches her  personality.
She found the process tedious, but I think cameras are fascinating. Photography is interesting. Imagine taking the essence of one’s appearance and putting it on paper!
It’s a click and an explosion of light, and suddenly there is an image of the faces you know and love there on a screen, ready to be processed and put into a frame.
Eden had no such things. We never felt the need to process another’s essence, not when we can feel their pure selves in our hearts.
I understand why you do it, though. You humans have no telepathy. No means to envelope yourselves in the totality of a person. Not to mention your notoriously short lifespans.
I think it’s sweet that you can love enough that you’ll invent contraptions that will allow you to keep memories of those you love. But why do you all insist you look pasty and fat?

Photo by:Karen Bursey/ Photography By Karen
Edmonton, AB


  1. She says the same about you :)
    I'm pretty too, right?

  2. Thoeba, you have a most beautiful writer!!

  3. So are you Meghan <3
    But really, doesn't anyone care about me? Hello, created to be perfect here....