Thursday, September 11, 2014

Kiss the Monarch Sky

IMG_2297.jpgHow about something a little different? One of the cool things about being a writer is the other creative people we get to meet. I met Brandy Black on a paranormal project, and while the project fell flat, we stayed in touch.

I knew she was in the band Monarch Sky, but never really had a chance to go see them. They came to a favorite bar of mine that's within walking distance of my house, so no more excuses! So glad I went!

Brandy's voice soars over crunchy, grinding guitar and bass. The drums stand out without overwhelming the songs. This is a great example of four individually talented people who come together to form a juggernaut of pleasant noise.

They have a fundraiser going on if you'd like to see them succeed as much as I do. Here's a link!

Please feel free to check them out. This band is very hands on, and work hard. Brandy does all the artwork, and you'll love it! These people deserve to be HUGE!! Here's the Facebook event page!

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