Thursday, October 28, 2010

My first Halloween as a human

I've never experienced this holiday as a mortal.
I'm not very frightened. It's a lot different now than the earlier days when your species was much younger and less advanced.

It was believed back then that the borders between the dimensions got thinner around that time of year, which was correct.  It only happened once a year but demons found the portals from Eden to Earth and snuck through to eat your ancestors. Not many, mind you, but enough to scare the lice off medieval man.

We did our best over the years to slay the monsters before they did too much damage. And your forefathers thought their jack-o-lanterns worked! Oh that was funny...It was us! We killed the demons and kept them away until we were finally able to close the portal and set up a guard.

Then Samhain started teasing the Gaels and chased the vikings back to their longboats with demon masks made of wood. The Energy was not amused. It was so upset it took away Samhain's flying privileges and grounded him-indefinitely. That's a long time when your lifespan can be measured in centuries.

So a few hundred years later Hallow's Eve has changed. Instead of cowering inside your homes on that night, you wear costumes and beg for candy. What I don't understand is why do you send your miniatures out to do it? Apparently your species no longer fears the night if you are willing to send your nestlings out in it. Interesting.

Perhaps it is that your love of treats conquers your terror? Not that I blame you. I have seen the delicious varieties available from complete strangers. There's chocolate bars, chips, toffees, hard candies and more! I can't wait to eat it all!

Of course this means more exercising....Okay, now I'm scared.


  1. Wow. I learned so much from this!
    You should come to our house this Halloween, Thoeba. My husband and I have a wonderfully scary display planned for the local ghosties and goblins :-)

  2. Goodness! Sounds exciting!
    But I'm not sure I trust you Dawn...You also told me exercise was fun. ;)

  3. You're still breathing aren't you?