Thursday, April 21, 2011

Did you miss me?

Well, Hello there! Sorry I've been away for awhile. First it was that nasty hangover, and then it was.....Why is there drool all over my keyboard? What are these posts about-Eating humans? JIM-THING?!  What was HE doing here?!
I leave my blog for a few lousy weeks and my arch nemesis threatens my readers?!
Here I am-all excited to tell you that my story is coming out in the summer through Vamptasy Publishing as an e-book, and that ugly bastard comes in and takes over my blog?!
Excuse me---I have to go kick some demon ass.
Oh yeah-this is the cover. Photo was by shutterstock photos and my writer picked it out. My brilliant publisher Nicola Omerod found the perfect font. ;)

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