Thursday, April 14, 2011

How to Serve Humankind

Do you know why you humans make such nice snacks? It's not just because you come in so many sizes, flavors and colors.

It's your individual lifestyle choices as well.
Smokers have an interesting woodsy flavor, whereas a health nut is a fresh change when you're in the mood for something leaner.
If you go a drinking establishment, I don't have to marinate you, you've done it for me. Talk about convenience!
My favorite is fast food....And it's easy to prepare.
All I do is show up and roar in your faces. You run. As fast as you can.
     Let those salty sweaty juices flow! Let the spicy adrenaline rush through your veins! These two seasonings combine for the perfect favor. Amount of doneness depends on how hungry I am and how much fun I'm having. Human is best served raw, although I have considered eating you people with a light sear on the barbeque for a little more tenderness.
     Either way, I wouldn't recommend YOU try it neccessarily. I have no idea how your species eats meat with such flat teeth.

Photo by: Simon Howden

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