Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mosquitos suck!

I am sure we are all wonder why the Energy created the mosquito. I wish I knew!! Why would a benevolent, loving entity create a blood-sucking miniature version of a demonic vampire?
Summers are not short enough without the torment of itchy bites and incessant whining in our ears?
They will eat at you and your children! They will interrupt your sleep with their irritating hum. You will itch, you will bitch-LOUDLY!
Is this what the Energy wants?
Perhaps so. This might be the only way you will go back to civilization and raise your seedlings.

Photo by: Christian Meyn/FreeDigitalPhotos.Net


  1. If garlic keeps vampires away, would eating a lot of it keep the mosquitoes away? Something has to garden is one giant weed!

  2. Donna tells me she uses garlic water to keep bugs off her plants. So why not? We'll see if we attract Italian food lovers instead!