Thursday, August 11, 2011

Why do they call it a bookworm?

I think I understand that term now. A good book is worth devouring. You would think after nearly a year on this planet, and having my own story put to computer and paper that I would have discovered the all-consuming passion of reading.
It amazes me how you humans can find the time in your bustling, busy lives with your cell phones, computers and vehicles to sit and peruse a handful of typewritten pages.
But it truly is relaxing to bite into a bundle of pages filled with worlds you dream up.
My species doesn't do that. I suppose it's because we've BEEN to the worlds to think you've created and our lives and memories are long. Glad to know you still remember your travels as otherworldy beings. It's refreshing to view your writings from a mortal perspective.

photo by : dan

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