Thursday, November 10, 2011

This planet is disgusting!

My writer is cleaning the house again, top to bottom. Didn't she do this in the spring? I remember, she called it Spring cleaning. Everything was taken off the walls, and those walls were washed. Then she cleans all the pictures and puts them back. She launders all the linens, steams the rugs, and dusts in nooks and crannies no one can even fit into. Now she's doing it again.
She tells me everything gets dirty in a house, whether you can fit into the crannies or not. Why? I asked.
Because of dust, hair, skin cells,etc. But she only has one cat, how much mess can one white feline make? No, she tells me. Dirt comes from outside and dust is in the air. Humans lose hair and skin cells every day.
EEEeeeewww! You mean to tell me EVERYTHING sheds?!

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