Thursday, November 24, 2011

We are Experiencing Technical Difficulties

This is the first time I'm writing this blog as myself, and not as 'Thoeba'.
Sorry, but I can't muster her flippant, light-hearted amusement for our planet this week.
You see I lost my publishing contract. Due to illness, my company decided to downsize. Thanks to Canadian shipping costs and distribution issues, I was probably the first one to go.
I don't blame my publisher, she tried her best and is still trying to find Thoeba a new home, but it looks like it will be awhile before we will see Thoeba on a shelf near you.
Don't worry. We're down, but not out. These kinds of things happen, and the only way to deal with it is to move forward.
Thoeba will be her odd and sassy self in no time. Please stand by.


  1. Love to you AND Thoeba! You are both amazing and any publisher would be lucky to have one, let alone BOTH of you!! Xoxo

  2. Thanks Magz. <3
    We'll be alright. Time to regroup and get a new gameplan.

  3. Awww, just keep are right, you can be down, but you won't be out. You are strong. There will be reason for all this & the outcome will be good. Don't worry.

  4. Thanks Melaida <3
    You cheered me up just by commenting on my blog! :D I'm going to worry about it after Christmas. Publishers and agents generally take December off. It gives me some time. Thanks for your support.

  5. Hang in there, Donna! Hope the bounce back takes you even higher.

  6. Thank you MJ <3
    I hope so too! Crossing my fingers, toes and eyes.