Thursday, December 1, 2011

Celebrating Walking Tablescraps.

Oh for the love of the Energy...Do you know what today is? It's the cat's birthday. Freya is a year old.

My writer fed her Turkey and Giblets Pate and cat milk for breakfast, (her favorite)and later today she's taking her to Petsmart to pick out whatever she wants. (most likely a nice tasty parakeet) To top it all off, Petsmart sent a birthday coupon for a toy! No doubt there will be extra salmon bites today as well.

All this for a cat that doesn't flush her litter box. Who claws at legs and furniture and jumps on sleeping heads at 2 a.m. while chasing headlights on the wall. (yes, that's the bed she's lounging on in the photo) Who complains non-stop about not being able to go out in freezing cold weather. (like I had something to do with it. Sorry cat, long distance charges to the maker are enormous.) All this for an animal that still isn't big enough to eat.

Oh wait...are we fattening her up for Christmas Dinner?


  1. LOL. Your writer would never let you eat her Freya :-P

  2. No I suppose not...
    By the way, she's calling me names. What is an 'Alf'? Is that another Christmas creature I haven't heard of?