Thursday, December 29, 2011

I Like Stuff!I

I love Christmas! See these delicious little cups of custard topped with malt sugar and fruit? My writer's beloved made creme brulee. He also made the lamb dinner. I've often said you humans are obsessed with food. This week I don't mind. However I should note that Pepto Bismol should be included in the stocking stuffers. Along with Aspirin. That was a LOT of wine and beer.

The company was great too. Besides my writer and her husband we were joined by my writer's younger sibling and a family friend. Giggling after pigging out is fun, but it can't be good for the digestive system.

Best of all were the presents! I like stuff!

I got a Thesaurus, (Because you humans keep changing the meanings of your own words and making up new ones) a chainmail bracelet handmade by Rebecca Bartlett, soaps and lotions that smell better than they taste, a GPS, (why must humans keep changing the face of the planet?), and a toy named 'Chewbacca' that growls at me when I squeeze him. That little item came from the sibling called Jody. Still better than a chia pet.

How was your Christmas? Was that fat guy in the red suit good to you too?

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