Thursday, December 15, 2011

Things you never want to see under your tree.

This may only be my second mortal Christmas, but I already know there are certain things you don't give your friends and family...unless you don't like them. Yet every year thousands are victimized with these tacky items and they have to smile over their eggnog and pretend they like their present.

#5 Pot of Gold chocolates-This is a generic gift that says "I have no idea what you like, so I'm going to give you cheap mediocre chocolate." Sure, there's a variety...of crap. Ever tasted them?

#4 McDonald's Gift Certificates-This gift says "I'm cheap and I hope you get fat and have a heart attack." For maximum annoyance, give to a vegetarian.

#3 The Christmas Sweater- I just have one word for this gift...Why?

#2 Chia Pets- What goes through the mind of someone who gives this gift? Probably nothing. Or maybe they think they're being funny.

And the number one worst gift on my list...?

#1 The Snuggie- This gift says "I think you are too stupid to operate a blanket."

Everyone has a horror story about gifts they've received that required them to plaster happy expressions on their faces in the midst of horror.

I would love to hear some of yours.

Photo by: Ambro

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