Thursday, September 27, 2012

Contest Winners!

 Last week was my two year blog anniversary and I asked you all a question. What does the R.M. stand for at the end of Kaptain Loki Donovan R.M.? I got a few comments on the blog, but more from Facebook or in person. (poker face)

The results kind of surprised me. Not many got the answer--My SISTER guessed 'Rogue Masturbator'! My best friend guessed 'Ruckin' Mitch'. I know my sister Jody is a little pervert , but I don't know why Darci said 'Ruckin' Mitch. Am I a Ruckin' Mitch?

Actually, my favorite is 'Rabid Mouse'. It's what I would tell people when they asked, "What does the R.M. stand for?'

"Rabid mouse."



What DID surprise me is the fact that the first two correct answers came from two women who I'm not very familiar with. Congratulations, Alyssa Susanna and Beckey! You are the winners!

Both women commented how they related to the nickname initials, as they feel their households and/or lifestyles can be classified as a 'Royal Mess'.

Now I feel kinda bad...I didn't get the name because I'm a champion juggler of children, work and responsibilities. Quite the opposite.

I was seventeen, and although I DID juggle two jobs and school, I can recall the words of my friend Nicole, after we received a detention because of some random chaos I'd created.(I'd tell you if I remembered)  "Well Loki, here's another Royal Mess you've got us into. What now?" I'm an orchestrator of messes, not an organizer of them. Sorry.

Beckey, I'm going to message you on Twitter. (Since we follow each other)

Alyssa Suzanne, I can be found on Twitter and Facebook under the name 'Donna Milward'. Please contact me.  I need to know where to send your pin and bookmark :)

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