Thursday, September 20, 2012

Happy Anniversary to my Blog!

Yep...I've been writing this blog for a whole two years this week. I first wrote as my character, 'Thoeba', but when that got old, I reverted to myself and never looked back. I mean...maybe I'm jaded, but looking at the world from a newcomer's perspective became REALLY difficult. How many new discoveries can a centuries-old angel find that fascinating?

And if you read this blog, you'll have noticed it hasn't been very happy lately. I've dealt with death and the loss of people I cared about.. I grappled with depression--both mine and my friends' and felt like I'd lost my mind. I came WAY too close to losing my beloved Freya. But those issues are simmering down...and I'm in the mood to do something positive.

What do you say we have some fun? How about a little contest? And I`m gonna make it about ME.

You see, since highschool, I've had this huge, detailed nickname. I am known, in certain circles as... (deep breath)

Kaptain Loki Donovan R.M.

The Kaptain part was originally 'Captain Hook', from my habit of mimicking a certain gesture behind guys with nice tushies. (pinch, pinch) The 'K' spelling was just for the sake of being different.

Loki came from my love of Norse Mythology (Actually, I love ALL mythologies, my favorite being Greek) and my ability to get myself and my friends into trouble. True to the Scandinavian trickster's reputation, I frequently got us out too. Good times.

My friend Andrea from work named me 'Donovan' after I started calling her 'Andy' (I don`t think she liked that much) and it kinda stuck.

This is the contest part...YOU guys have to figure out what 'R.M.' stands for. Don't worry, this is multiple choice. Is it:

A) Rubber Mallet?

B) Royal Mess?

C) Runny Meatloaf?

D) Rabid Mouse?

E) Rogue  Masturbator?

F) Ruckin' Mitch?

Leave your answer on the comments, or Twitter it, or put it on Facebook. I wanna see it!

The first two correct answers will receive an angel pin and an autographed bookmark. And I'm not telling who won until next week. Such is the devious nature of Loki.


  1. I'm guessing E just because it makes me giggle.:-)

  2. B - because that's probably what people say about me behind my back lol
    Thanks for the giveaway! What fun :D

  3. My guess would be B (sounds like you have had the ups and downs in life & have managed overcome it all...)
    People tell me I am a mess some days (I have all daughters ranging in age from 2 1/2 year old toddler to my 10 year old tweenie to my 12 & 17 year olds whom have that hormonal mess and teenager angst-woohoo for estrogen)


  4. Wow! Sounds like a full house Beckey! And thanks for entering :)