Thursday, January 10, 2013

I wish I was a Bear

It's a brand new year, with tasty potential. I've had a bit of a break...mostly due to not having the time or energy to get my thoughts together. You know how the Holidays are...

Between the parties, shopping and having my husband home for a couple of weeks I went almost completely nocturnal. (As opposed to mostly nocturnal.)

Getting my sleep patterns back in order has been challenging. I'm always tired. I want to nap constantly.

As I lay buried under a mountainous pile of smooshy warmness yesterday, I thought "Wouldn't it be convenient if I were a bear? I'd be hibernating right now, instead of chastising myself for not getting any work done."

Think of it.

I could spend my favorite season, autumn, harvesting the fruits and veggies of my labors. I could spend a month of Thanksgiving eating myself stupid on things I normally avoid like stuffing and pie. (Because guess what...? They make me FAT) And I could do it without guilt. I would tidy up my work like anyone else going on vacation--tying up loose ends and organizing stuff for when I get back.

Then I would blissfully crawl into bed, beneath no less than five comforters, halfway into a food coma, and snuggle down for the winter. I can dream long. uninterrupted inspiration.

No snow shoveling or driving. No seasonal disorders or frozen body parts. No Christmas, but hey! No harried shopping or drunken relatives either. I never have to deal with the COLD.

Come spring, I wake up refreshed and ready to go back to work. And...I'll be SKINNY!!

Photo by Michael Elliot,
Perfect. But this isn't a perfect world. Time to get back to work like everyone else. Good thing I love my job.

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