Thursday, January 24, 2013

Muse #2...Woo-hoo!

Amir DerakhThursday again already? I don't know why, but sometimes I surprise myself with my total unpreparedness in regards to this blog. I mean, Thursday shows up EVERY week. Why am I so gobsmacked when it arrives and I'm barely ready?

So this week, I'll tell you about one of my other muses, Amir Derakh . Wish I knew who did this photo...

Anyway, Amir Derakh was born Amir Davidson to an American mother and a Persian father. He started his career as a guitarist for Rough Cutt and later Jailhouse. Of course, those were 'Hairbands'. Everybody knows how Kurt Cobain and the Grunge scene killed the hell out of THAT genre.

So Amir got busy. He went back to school, and got a degree in production and sound engineering. He produced bands like Coal Chamber. (They re-did 'Shock the Monkey' with Ozzy Osbourne.) Then he started designing and building guitars for Jackson and Yamaha.

When the century began to turn, he became the power chords behind the band Orgy. Then Julien-K. Then Dead by Sunrise. THEN Circuit Freq-which I should point out that the last band is of the 'Electronica' genre, and a little out of character for him....and SUCH a clever name!

See where I`m going with this? The man has been in the music business for over thirty years!! He's never idle. He's forever re-inventing himself, and learning new things. He's taken every ounce of talent he has and wrung it from himself like a wet sponge. And he's still going!

I want his longevity and adaptability. I want a thirty years-plus career that EVOLVES. I want to discover new talents of my own and explore them. And I want to do it as well dressed as he is...But I want better hair. (Sorry, Amir)

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  1. I can see - still - why he is your muse. You found a great picture of him, too. Hope he inspires you to continue writing awesome things :-)