Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas 'Gifts'...

You know when you're a kid? And a cool Christmas seems to hinge on that one great gift that you've always wanted?

I begged, I PLEADED  for three years. There was nothing I wanted more than a Fisher-Price Castle. I whined and yowled. I was sick of getting homemade mittens and wind-up bath toys from 'Robinson's' for Christmas. The good stuff came from a favorite uncle, who often bought us dolls and craft kits. Knowing what I know now, I'm sure my parents couldn't afford it. Looking back, I still cringe and feel like a spoiled brat for being ungrateful for mitten and scarf sets.

When I finally got the much desired castle for Christmas, I promised myself I would never EVER let it go. Here it is...And it isn't leaving my home until someone peels it from my cold, dead digits. I got it when I was 8 years old...I'm almost 42 years old now.
I still have the people and furniture tucked away in a box

I had intended to write this blog about toys, and all the joy they bring. But sometimes 'joyful' isn't the word some people use to describe the holidays. I know people who aren't going to get much of anything this Christmas. Some are just trying to survive. No turkey, no chocolate, no toys. Sometimes no family.

Remember those less fortunate this season. There's Santa's Anonymous, Food Banks, and the Christmas Bureau. I've just learned about 'Tender Hearts' in Stony Plain, Alberta. Perhaps there are other legitimate organizations in your local area.  Please give if you are able. No one should suffer a crappy Christmas. No child should endure empty stomachs. Their parents should not feel shame. No one should be all alone.

Besides, it feels good to do it. Who knows? Maybe you will be able to help provide a decent dinner for a family. Maybe you'll reaffirm to a child that they were good and that Santa found them after all. Perhaps you'll bring happiness where there wasn't any. Believe me, it's the best Christmas rush you'll get this year.

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