Thursday, December 12, 2013

Insomniac and the City

I'm late again. Whoops. And I don't have a very good excuse. Just like I didn't have a blog prepared. You'd think with all the hours I spent tossing and turning and grumbling in the dark this week I would have had time to come up with something. So here it is.

Insomnia sucks.
How did get in my room to draw Freya and me?

No shit, right? True, it's common for writers to have sleep issues. Our characters won't stop shouting to be written and the plot bunnies run races in our heads. But this is ridiculous! I have slowly turned vampire--Apparently I only sleep when the sun comes up.

This is the reason I need to live in the city, folks. It revolves around my nocturnal needs. Run out of smokes, need a snack, something to read? 7-11 is two blocks away through a nice quiet neighborhood free of wolves and bears. Want fast food? MacDonald's and Wendy's can oblige you. Let's not forget those hearty Denny's breakfasts. For live entertainment, show up just after the bars close. Oh yeah...there's bars to hang out in. And coffee shops. (Tim Horton's anyone?) You can catch up on your laundry if you've got quarters.
I should go get one right now.

And only a few years ago, someone invented a reason to never need to go out in daylight. Twenty-four hour Walmarts! One huge store full of all the things and it's open 24-7. Bliss. Yes, I know Walmart sucks. But this is the city where competition between stores thrives. How long until we have 24 hour Targets and Costcos?

Heeeeey! You know what we need now? All-night libraries and bookstores! What do you think? Is that a good idea? Or is that just 3 hours of sleep talking?

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