Thursday, March 27, 2014

My Husband is my Excuse.

Hellooooo Handsome!!
I ADORE my beloved troll. He's sweet, funny, smart, generous, loving, handsome and endlessly supportive. I'd like to make enough money writing so that he could quit his job. It's the LEAST I can do for the man who has supported my writing pretty much from the day I met him. (I told him I wrote poetry, and he asked to hear some. Then he asked for a copy of the one I recited for him.) When he gave me the key to his apartment, it was so I could work on my writing on his computer, since I didn't have one. Not because he was crazy about me or anything. That would be admitting he had 'feelings' that were distinctly un-guylike.

But lately, I'm thinking I'll have to make enough to get an office outside the house as well. You know what I mean ladies? Honey goes on days off or vacation, and suddenly he seems kinda, sorta...underfoot? I don't know what that is. When he's at home, nothing gets done.

When I'm home alone, I write, do laundry, do yardwork, pay bills, get groceries, mind the furchildren, occasionally scrub or dust things, cooking, gardening, painting...

When he's on days off? I pretty much sit on the couch. Why IS that? And how can he be underfoot when he hasn't left his computer games all day?

Wearing his Canadian tuxedo on the morning of our wedding day. Photo by:Dawn Dalton

 I try to get moving, to get on all the things that need doing. Butbutbut...He's home. And we should do something? Like what? I dunno...something fun. Like. What?

Let's see...We've been to every museum in the entire city. Restaurants? Gettin' old. How about movies? Find one we BOTH want to see. IMAX at the Telus Science Center? Only all the time. Road trip? NO. That means one of us has to drive. Which one? The one who wins the argument. Know what I mean?

Oh, sweet grumpy honey...Could you, I dunno....Go away for several hours or something?


  1. LOLl the man is a saint, you are perfect for each other.