Thursday, March 13, 2014

What if 'Thoeba' Were a Movie?


Cover by Terra Weston-Koster

I've given it some thought before, but it wasn't until my fellow Staccato author, Emma Hibbs did it that I decided to blog about it. Here's Emma's blog about HER cool dream cast.

 I thought, "Awesome! It's been a long time since I thought about who would act in the movie...and I've never blogged it either."
So I made a small list. Not everybody is going to be here, but the major characters will be. What do you think?

PETER MASON: This guy...Henry Rollins?! You ask. You're probably wondering why I would choose a punk icon to for a romantic lead. It's not just because he's my muse. It's because he's handsome, a good actor, and when I think of a tough guy with a compassionate side, this is the face I see. 

Thomas Gibson from 'Criminal Minds

Of course, I wouldn't kick THIS guy out of the role either.

Apparently she was in Paranormal Activity 4
Next we have his daughter, KAYLA MASON. Too bad Dakota Fanning is too old for the role. I had to think about this one. I googled "teen blonde actresses' and I got this...Her name is Kathryn Newton and she looks exactly how I imagine Kayla looks.

Now, how about her crush, PRIVATE BREWER?  This is Alex Pettyfer aka Number 4. He seemed pretty good in that movie. What I actually watched of it, I mean. He'd be great if we could bulk him up a bit. Which could happen. He'll be in Magic Mike 2.

JIM (Oh my God, did I even give him a last name?) has to be the toughest actor to choose by far. I can think of at least three actors who could fill the role. What do YOU think?

Sean Bean might be too handsome, but the caption up there actually happened at a bar in England.

Or maybe...

Michael Rooker was fantastic as Merle Dixon, and maybe I like him because Merle reminded me a lot of Jim. And because I'm a HUGE fan of 'The Walking Dead'.

But my very first choice is this actor: Don't know who Jackie Earle Haley is? He was the hottie way back when in 'The Bad News Bears'. He's the new Freddy Kruegar. He was Rorschach. Enough said.

And I saved the best for last. There's only ever been ONE actor that fits the role of THOEBA. I always thought she was stunning and talented, and the very first time I visualized THOEBA it was her.

     I'm curious to know what you people think. Any other ideas out there?

Oh, and if any of these fine actors see this after I tag their names in this blog and think they'd like to produce a great movie to be in, message me on Twitter or Facebook! I'm Donna Milward :D

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