Thursday, July 17, 2014

Summers are Short. This Blog is Long. Life is Good.

I've made a healthy decision. I'm not stressing out ANY MORE. I'm writing, and that's good, but the less I push, the more the writing flows. It also helps to take ones laptop and morning coffee outside and write paragraphs between smelling the roses and watching the cats chase bugs. One can also pull weeds while one is pondering sentences and descriptives.

Why should I stay inside washing walls and doing renovations when it's a gorgeous 27 degrees Celsius outside?--While a sweet smelling summer breeze wafts over the tomatoes? I need to rethink my priorities in a new way.

Nothing is more important than writing. Except maybe cats. And beloved trolls. But I've decided I desperately need the vitamin D, and THAT will make Donna a better writer and an easier person to live with.

Winters in Canada, especially this last one have the endurance equaled only by arctic climates and Game of Thrones.

It's time to cut myself a break and enjoy my friends, my family and the weather. To warp a tired cliche, all work and no play makes for drab writing and an unhappy Donna.

I have vivid and unusual dreams. I had a real whopper a week ago. It was a 'train' dream, which for me, usually means a change in career or job. For some reason, I don't think so this time. This is something else.

Bear with me. I'd love some input.

A nasty storm was coming. I looked out my bedroom window to see how bad it was. Instead of my street, I saw an elaborate gondola/rail system dispatching purple two-seater pods. I ran outside to investigate, and found a two story station in the middle of my street, at the end of my driveway. I climbed the stairs to investigate.

A train car sat awaited passengers. I glanced past it to see black thunderheads approaching from the Southwest. Since I hate thunderstorms and had nothing better to do, I hopped on for a ride.

It was a  maiden-voyage celebration, with champagne and streamers. Swag and collectables were passed around as we sped through Edmonton to small towns. We got off and toured those small towns along the way. I even remember some of the names. For the record, I don't think towns like 'Adams', 'Boots', and 'Zoom' exist in Alberta, but they had buildings and grain elevators with those names on them.

We turned to go back to Edmonton, and I found people I knew on the way back. (No one I know in reality) I showed them around the train--more champagne, better swag including personalized bottles of tequila (I HATE tequila) and I found both a Slurpee bar AND  a breakfast bar. I don't recall getting home.

Weird huh? I think I told you readers because it was intense and wonderful and spontaneous. Like life should be.

It's too late (or too early) for New Year's Resolutions, but I'm going to make this my best summer ever. I refuse to be fettered by the unrealistic expectations I've placed upon myself. Wall washing and renovations can wait (Just wear your shoes when you walk on my kitchen floor, kay?)

Saturday I spent with friends having lunch and getting a spa treatment. Sunday I spent goofing off at a lingerie party with old and new friends I met at a pagan wedding. Tomorrow, I'm indulging in 'Snobby Beer Night' with friends I haven't seen since Christmas and on Tuesday I'M GOING TO TEXAS.

I may not blog next week. I'll be too busy learning my craft, networking, meet new friends, eating Texas Barbecue, and hanging with one of the best friends I never expected to have. It's time to enjoy myself.

I hope your summer is fabulous. I'm going to make sure mine IS.


  1. I always check my crazy dreams for puns. Like, when you went on to the train--you were entering the second story. Anything to do with writing there? The Southwest seems a clear link to Texas, though I don't know why you'd see the convention as a storm. And those town names MUST be significant. What does "Adams" signify to you?

    When I'm trying to figure out a dream, I also will interview someone from it. Here, I might ask one of the folks on the train, "What's with all the bars?"

    Anyhow, it's cool that you had a FUN dream.

    1. Cool idea, Mj! I could interview one of the servers ;)

      I know why the color purple shows up...the friend I'll be going with is OBSESSED with purple. That's probably the only part that makes sense. I have no idea why the towns had those names. None of them mean anything to me. I don't even know any 'Adams'. Curious...