Thursday, September 25, 2014

Four Years Already?

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Do you people realize that I've been blogging for FOUR YEARS? How about that? My introduction to the blogging world occurred on September 23rd, 2010, as Thoeba.

A lot has happened since then. I even got married that year after 14 years of living in sin.

Thoeba wasn't published yet, and I was still typing away madly at Aphrodite's War while searching for both an agent AND a publisher. The art of writing was, and still is, intimidating. That's why this blog rarely contains expert writing advice. I'm no expert.

This blog became less about Thoeba, and more of a public journal. I only have 90 followers, but that's okay. I'd love more followers, but I don't want to shove these meandering rantings down your throat. I know you're still reading, even when you're not commenting or following regularly. I see my stats (Thank you United States of America, including Alaska, Canada and China!) and often in conversation I'll mention my blog, and I'll hear, "Yeah, I read that post." Thank you <3 That means a lot to me. There are thousands upon thousands of other blogs out there, and you're still reading mine.

Thanks to my regular and semi-regular commenters, Kevin, Mj, jlotus, Colleen, and Kathy. It's always nice to see you.

I'm not running a contest for this anniversary. My smashwords codes have been voided due to piracy issues, but I'll still send signed bookmarks to anyone who asks, either here, or on
My author page:
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or in person.

If you look back at my old posts, my favorite is still 'Javascript', (Nov. 4/2010) when Thoeba discovers coffee for the first time. Most recently, I loved my semi-sleeping ramble 'Don't Follow the Tomato.'(Jan. 16/2014.)

So...Here's to at least four more years. Cheers! I hope I can still keep you reasonably entertained. :)


  1. I think one of my favourite's was "How To Serve Humankind" even though I was freaked out that something happened to Thoeba.

  2. Congrats, Donna/Thoeba! Keep 'em coming.