Thursday, January 22, 2015

Dear Universe

If you don't mind, I would like another cat. I am in love with my Freya, Mighty Huntress and perfect little girl. I am forever grateful for my best friend, Spartacus Jones, whose cuddles and loyalty keep me sane. But the Energy has made cats sweet, furry, purry, and addictive. I can't have just two. 

 I'm asking you, whatever powers that be, because had I never even voiced out loud what I wished to anyone when you took my mental list, and delivered Spartacus Jones.

Back then, I wanted another kitty, but he would have to be special. Someone I could not resist. Maybe a stray, starving and possibly injured...the weather would have to be bad. Because at that time I believed there was no reason to bring a stray cat indoors if it wasn't raining or snowing. He would have to be younger than my cats...I decided he would fit in better that way. Having said that, he would have to get along with Sully and Freya.

It was as though the universe said "That's your list? Here you go."

Spartacus Jones followed my husband and friend home. He fit all the criteria. It was raining AND snowing on April 29th, 2013. He came to us with scars and ribs showing. He begged for affection, which I gave until I decided he belonged here. I tried to find his owners, but he'd obviously been out for awhile, and despite the fact that he was a good kitty, fixed and litter trained, no one seemed to be looking for him. I couldn't let him be abandoned twice.
Does this cat tree make me look fat?

You did such a good job, Entity Upstairs, that I'm making a formal request for one more. Here's my list:

1) I'd like another stray or even a willing feral. Not just because they are such grateful kitties, but because they don't have anything.  They have no shelter, and don't know when their next meal may come from. They are unwanted. They suffer so much, and I know I can love them right back to health. They deserve it.

2) I'd like for this cat to fit in with Spartacus Jones AND Freya. In fact, could you let the two of them  choose? When we lost Sully, we lost the natural balance between them. It's hard enough to get Freya and Spartacus to get along now. I can't bring another cat into this family if it will ostracize any of them.
Perfect Little Girl

3) I don't care how old the cat is, what gender it is, or what breed I get. I will accept the responsibility of an injured cat, extra toes, missing legs, it doesn't matter. If you send me the one that can get along with my furchildren, I will give it a home. I will take in any stray sent to me anyway, and get them off the street to someplace warm, even if it's the Humane Society. I promise.

Did I mention I have a birthday coming up?


  1. I know where there's a feral cat (formerly domesticated) who was found in a campground. But you'd have to drive to where I live.

  2. Yup. His name is Greg, because he was discovered at Gregg Lake Campground. Nice-looking cat.